Administration Building

ICSD Administration

Superintendent: Russell Reiter

Address: 1207 1st Street West
Independence, IA 50644

Phone: 319-334-7400

Office: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Independence students pose with donations received by the National Honor Society
students use technology
Independence ag students pose with blankets they made
Independence student works with programmed robot
Independence students bring treats to the Independence Police Department

Drop-Out Prevention Plan

Dropout Prevention:

Independence Community School District is committed to providing a quality education for all students. The At-Risk/Dropout Prevention Program is designed to provide support to meet student needs in our district. Students benefit from additional support in meeting Iowa Core learning expectations. We provide additional assistance during the school day. Support is given to improve self-concept and academic success. ICSD offers a variety of support services including, but not limited to, at-risk teachers/academic interventionists, computer based credit recovery programs, summer school, mentoring, counseling, attendance intervention, and an alternative program (Buchanan County Success Center). The goal is to have 100% of students show academic progress, 100% of students exhibiting improved study skills, personal and social skill development, improved choices and improved relationships. In addition, we work to help families access appropriate school and community based services.

ICSD Drop Out Prevention Plan

Burmeister, Erin
Burmeister, Erin
School Improvement

Martin, Kris
Martin, Kris
Student Success Coordinator