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Mission Statement

The Independence Community PTO is an organization whose purpose is to enhance, encourage, and strengthen the learning environment and foster a sense of community and cooperation between the families and staff of East and West Elementary Schools.  Our goals are to enrich the school curriculum with additional opportunities for parents, teachers and students to learn, socialize, and grow families.

The members of the PTO are all the families and staff members who are associated with East and West Elementary Schools as well as business owners within our community.  The PTO Board represents the membership and is composed of PTO members who are either elected or appointed to Board positions.  Board members manage the organizational and financial aspects of all the PTO functions.

The PTO and its Board meet on a regular basis throughout the school year to plan events.  The Spring Carnival and a Fall Fundraiser are our major fundraising events each year.  The PTO also sponsors social events to attract new members and build relationships within our school community.

For more information contact:

Nikki Sidles: 319-332-0029

Amanda Johnson: 319-327-4970

PTO Board Positions:

Independence Community PTO Board Position Descriptions

PTO Request for Funds:

Request for Funds 14-15

PTO Online Registration Form

PTO Online Registration Form

PTO Volunteer Interest Survey

PTO Volunteer Interest Survey

Meeting Minutes:

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