Spanish I

Spanish I is truly an introduction to learning a second language. Unlike other classes that students may come with some background knowledge, many students are at the “kindergarten” level of learning a second language. Spanish students will enhance the knowledge of their own language by learning nouns, verbs, adjectives and many other aspects of their new language. Students will engage in conversations with classmates, create poster presentations in the target language, and practice terms and phrases as a class, daily. Spanish is a class for those students who are college bound or those who want to learn something new and fun!

 Spanish II

Spanish II picks up right where Spanish I leaves off. The goal of Spanish II is to master skills introduced in Spanish I while incorporating a variety of vocabulary and grammar. In Spanish II we will discuss subjects such as clothing, places, reflexive verbs and commands. Along the way students will have directed writings where a topic is given and students have to write a paragraph about that topic. Writings are submitted to the teacher for evaluation and correction. Students must make corrections on each directed writing until no errors are present in order to earn full credit. This helps students improve writing skills by identifying common grammatical and spelling errors. Spanish II is a lot of fun because by the end of the course all instruction is in Spanish and students really come out of their shells and use the language as often as possible.

 Spanish III

Spanish III is conducted completely in Spanish but if students are confused the occasional English word is tossed in for clarification. In Spanish III we transition into the past tense of verbs and discuss different ways to speak and write in the past tense. In Spanish III we do a variety of readings from different texts and students complete a few fun projects to share with the class where they have the freedom to be creative and expressive. The overall goal of Spanish III is to have students speaking in Spanish 100% of the time. As always practice makes perfect so with time students become more comfortable using the language in class.

Spanish IV

Spanish IV is a reading and writing intensive course. Because students are in their fourth year of Spanish, they are expected to speak in Spanish all of the time and all instruction is in Spanish. In Spanish IV we discuss the history of both Mexico and Spain in depth and dive into more complex grammatical concepts of the language. The goal of Spanish IV is to prepare students so that if they were to go to a Spanish speaking country they would be able to function completely in Spanish.

Crawford, Sarah
Crawford, Sarah
Social Studies/Spanish