Mission Statement:

•    strengthen the well-being of individuals and families across the life-span
•    prepare students to be responsible citizens and leaders in community and society
•    promote optimal nutrition and wellness across the life-span
•    encourage critical and creative thinking skills to promote problem solving and life skills
•    provide opportunities in career development
•    empower students to appreciate their own human value and accept responsibility for one’s actions.

List of Classes:

7th Grade FCS
8th Grade FCS
Culinary Techniques I
Culinary Techniques II
Culinary Techniques III
Fashion and Fabrics I
Fashion and Fabrics II
Fashion and Fabrics III
Home Design
Child Development
Personal Finances
Life Simplified
Real Living

Health and Wellness I
Health and Wellness II


Shaffer, Tia
Shaffer, Tia
Family Consumer

Winn, Kylee
Winn, Kylee
Family Consumer