The Department of Education conducted their Comprehensive School Improvement Site Visit this past┬áNovember 18th and 19th. We have now received their final report. This site visit was designed to assess the district’s progress with its Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, provide a general assessment of educational practices within the school, make recommendations for improvement, and determine compliance with state accreditation standards and applicable federal program requirements.
Based on their findings, the Independence Community School District maintains the State of Iowa Accreditation. We were in 100% compliance with all of the state’s accreditation standards. No non-compliance issues were noted and no corrective action plan was required to turn back into the Department of Education.
We are very pleased with this report. The Department of Education Site Visit Team noted many positive improvements to our school since their last visit in 2009-2010.
After looking at all of our school’s information and interviewing staff, students, parents, community members, and school board members, the Department of Education Site Visit Team indicated areas of strength and areas of recommendation under each of the categories listed in this report. The areas of recommendation will serve as road map for our school and will help us make the improvements needed as we move forward.


Comprehensive Site Visit Nov 2014