Parent Information on PowerSchool, Canvas and SchoolMessenger

These three programs are distinct companies and provide different information but overlap in several areas. This page will help to explain the similarities and differences.

PowerSchool: This program is student-based and keeps track of schedules, report cards (6-12), student demographic information and state reporting requirements.

Canvas: This program is learning-focused and keeps track of assignments, quizzes/tests, teacher resources, and student calendar of due dates. To help you learn more about Canvas, please click here.

SchoolMessenger: This program focuses on mass-communication for the district. This program is used to send phone calls and emails to keep students and parents informed of various events within the district.

Helpful Hints:

PowerPoint: You may download this PowerPoint to view the information from JSH Parent Orientation

Orientation for Parents.pptx

If you want to create a PowerSchool Parent Portal, please email Steve Noyes with the names of your students.


Noyes, Stephen
Noyes, Stephen
Technology Director