Teacher Quality funds provide individual teachers, learning teams, buildings, and the district an avenue to enhance programming through professional development opportunities.  The teacher quality team, composed of representatives of the Independence Teachers Association and the district, meet annually to determine how Teacher Quality funds will be divided between the district, buildings, and individual teachers.  Their recommendation is taken to the Curriculum Coordinating Council for approval.

Individual teachers/learning teams must apply to the Curriculum/School Improvement Director for funding of projects that fit into this category.  On this page are the forms for application of a project and the forms needed to request payment for the approved project.  All projects must align with district and building improvement plans and the Iowa Professional Development Model and have approval of the building principal and the Curriculum/School Improvement Director prior to any work being done.   Teachers/learning teams then log their hours and, when the project is completed, submit both the time sheet and the summary/reflection form to their principal and the Curriculum/School Improvement Director for payment.


Summary-and-Reflection-for-TQ 2017-2018

Teacher-Quality-application 2017-2018

Teacher-Quality-Projects-Expectations 2017-2018