The School Improvement Advisory Committee, formally known as the Curriculum Coordinating Council, was first established in 2003 by the Independence Community School District Board of Education. It is the governing body regulated by school board policy whose charge is coordinating curriculum, assessment, instruction as well as any issue dealing with student achievement.

SIAC membership consists of representatives from the certified and classified staff across the district, all building principals, the superintendent of schools, the director of curriculum and school improvement (serves as chair), a guidance counselor, a school board member, parent and community members, and student representatives, for a total of 29 members.

SIAC serves as the school district’s advisory council, dealing with all issues related to school improvement. Members of the committee advise on matters affecting classroom assessment, scheduling, professional development, and programming. Members serve a term of three years, with roughly half of the council replaced every two years. Operating principals and beliefs create a partnership with the community, parents, teachers, students, and all employees of the school district.


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