Learning Teams were created based on a need identified in the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) developed in 2003-2004.  Targeted goals were identified in the CSIP in the areas of reading comprehension, math, science, and technology.  The question was how to address these goals in a way that would sustain growth over time.

The answer was to establish a Learning Community approach incorporating learning teams.  A learning team is a group of teachers who teach a common grade or subject.  They meet and collaborate throughout the year focused on ways to increase student achievement.  Learning teams analyze classroom assessments and district test data, talk about instructional strategies, implement reading comprehension strategies across the curriculum, observe each other, and design professional development opportunities addressing individual needs.  Learning teams are provided early dismissal time each month to work.

The Learning Community approach is a proven, research-based idea that promotes collaboration and a team effort to increasing student achievement.  The results of implementing a Learning Community are impressive, but it takes a district and individual commitment to excellence.  Our teachers have made this commitment to our students.  Reading comprehension strategies are being used to increase and build skills in students. Our K-12 curriculum is continually reviewed and revised to be sure our students have the necessary foundation for whatever they choose to do after high school.

With the support of parents, teachers, and students, this Learning Community continues to thrive in the Independence Community School District!