School Improvement and student achievement are the top priority for the Board of Education, the administrators, and the faculty in the Independence Community School District.  School improvement initiatives in the district continue to be impressive!

All teachers are part of a collaborative learning team.  Teams are based on grade level or content area and meet monthly to work on learning team goals.  Collaboration is at the heart of this initiative and teachers are using this time to benefit students in our district. It truly is a learning community at work!

Professional Development is based on specific needs of students. Topics are determined and district leadership staff or outside specialists share their expertise with classroom teachers. Teams of teachers also attend specific sessions on research based strategies outside the district and bring back newly acquired skills to share with their teams.

The most important goal continues to be to learn ways to assist students in the classroom so that they can be more successful now and when they graduate. Teachers are provided time to analyze district testing data to better understand what instructional strategies are working and areas in which there needs to be more focus.

Teachers are working diligently and tirelessly to increase student achievement in the Independence Community.