Independence Community School District is very proud to say that we have a K-12 aligned curriculum for every content area taught in the district! This is not the case for every district in the state or the country.

Beginning in 2002, staff began an intensive process of curriculum revision. Every curriculum, in all content areas K-12, have been reviewed and revised based on national content standards.  Common summative assessments and formative assessments have been written and teaching resources for each component have been determined. Our teachers are applauded and greatly appreciated for the time and energy they continue to put into this process that puts the district ahead of many others!

The present focus is comparing and revising our curriculum to meet the expectations of the Iowa Common Core Curriculum (ICC).  The ICC was at first called the Iowa Core.  When the national Common Core came out, Iowa aligned the Iowa Core to the national Common Core to have what is now called the Iowa Common Core.  As we review the ICC, we are very pleased to find that for the most part, our curriculum concepts are the same as in the Iowa Common Core.   There are concepts, however, that will need to be taught at a different grade level.  We are also studying how we can teach the concepts differently in order for students to have a deeper understanding of concepts.  During the 2014-15 school year teacher committees are focusing attention on math and science.

For more information about our work with the Iowa Common Core, contact Danielle Meyer, Director of School Improvement.