The school district has already begun our fifth year of having a 1:1 device for all 9-12 students. We are currently in our fourth year of grade 7 and 8 also having a 1:1 device. Grades 3-6 will have a complete classroom set of Chromebooks. Grades K-2 will have a complete classroom set of iPads.

Students in grades 7-12 continue to take the devices home and grades K-6 will leave the devices at school to be used in the classroom.

It is very exciting to see students sitting on Main Street using their devices for homework and group discussion.

As part of our growing experience with the 1:1 devices, we will have a parent-student question and answer evening on August 15, from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. This evening is designed to answer any questions about Chromebooks, technology expectation and student passwords.  Students will receive their devices on the first day of school. Students will not take devices home on August 15. This meeting is optional and will have no bearing on student access to technology.

All students will receive their assigned Chromebook on the first day of school.We have now shifted to providing this important information in a very short video commentary. Mr Howard narrates the PowerPoint slides with special emphasis on student and parent responsibilities with the devices. All students will be watching this video during the first week of school and the video will be posted to the district website.

As part of our evolution with the 1:1 learning devices, we have gone paperless forms. Students will log into the Student PowerSchool Portal and will acknowledge they have received the equipment and secondly have watched the previously mentioned video. It should only take a minute for students to answer the questions. Parents will receive a copy of the inventory through email. If there are any questions about the Inventory, please visit with Ryan Ohrt in the JSH Technology Office.

The 2017-2018 Parent and Student Agreement is available for your review.

Noyes, Stephen
Noyes, Stephen
Technology Director